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Can I edit a version?2022-03-04T09:41:21+00:00

No. Versions are based on pre-existing videos that can have been previously shared with other customers or stakeholders.

Why doesn’t my app record sound (from the mic)?2022-01-21T11:56:18+00:00

Make sure you have set the permissions for the app to use the microphone.

Go to your device’s settings – make sure you allow reva access to the microphone (and camera, etc,…)

The upload or processing of the video failed. What happened to all the clips I recorded?2022-03-04T09:43:10+00:00

Go to the drafts sections. The video clips are saved on the drafts and can be edited and processed/uploaded again.

Just tap the 3 dots and select “edit” from the menu. Repeat the necessary edition steps and save/publish the video again.

Make sure your internet coverage is good for better results

How can I find a video from a colleague of mine?2022-03-04T09:43:46+00:00

If the video is public, it will show up on the public feed.

Just use search (by his name for example) or sort capabilities to narrow down the option in the public feed

Why isn’t my video showing up on the public feed?2022-03-04T09:44:34+00:00

There are several videos that are not meant to show up in the Public feed. Check out the reasons below:

– Was this video marked as private? If so it only shows up in your “My videos” tab. If you want to make it public: edit video > “Save” > mark it as public and “Save and Publish”

– Make sure your profile is public – private profiles never have public videos

– Have you set your video to inactive? Videos can be set as “inactive” so that they are not playable on the video landing page nor on the Public feed. You can change this setting on the Gallery > My videos.

– Is it a version? Versions are meant to be private and support 1-2-1 communication with your potential customers. Versions never show up on the public feed.

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