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2509, 2022

Test blog post 2

By |September 25, 2022|Comments Off on Test blog post 2

Curiosidade: vídeo vertical rules! ?

Os vídeos reva são em formato vertical, respondendo a que 75% dos vídeos globalmente são vistos em mobile
– e os usuários seguram o celular na vertical nada menos que 97% do tempo (!) ?

2509, 2022

Test Blog Post 1

By |September 25, 2022|Comments Off on Test Blog Post 1

This is to test the blog posts

With some text about the several things that we would like to start saying to every real estate professional out there!

If we add more text it looks like this, and we can keep adding several lines of text that will wrap the image placed on the right side of this blog post.

The indent needs a bit of padding but we can do that universally for all blog posts, via the reva life page definitions on Avada builder.

Crazy, right? ?

2509, 2022

Test Post A

By |September 25, 2022|Comments Off on Test Post A

Testing a blog post via the Avada blog element in a container, inside the reva life page.

There is the doubt about how the text would wrap around elements such as photos and video, when placed on the same text box within the blog element of Avada.

Doubts also on the font btw. Let’s see how the general settings apply here, before and after configuring the reva life as the settings-reading page for default blog posts.

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