reva VAM is a powerful tool for professionals in the Real Estate sector to create, collaborate, and share video content. It can be used to support purchasing decisions, showcase properties, assess true condition of properties, and present them to potential customers.

Plus, it provides video support for property status at check-ins and check-outs, ensuring full transparency and simplicity for customers.

Discover our Video Asset Management feature

reva VAM (Video Asset Management) is our business-line app, especially developed for enterprises looking to optimize the logistics, processes and commercial management of their asset portfolios.

Video is the best way to document the true condition of a property, and reva VAM allows for the customization and tracking of all the video process in your business.

Video across the property management lifecycle


  • More precision in property valuation and associated CAPEX costs
  • Guided videos for initial condition and for drive-in and drive-by
  • Video presentation page for simplified sharing with suppliers and back-office teams


  • Inventory of properties and their actual condition
  • Condition on entry – base for estimate work need
  • Videos from technical visits that allow verification of refurbishment work


  • Promotional videos for portals or CRM
  • Videos that allow personalized communication
  • Increase reach and value of the assets by engaging with customers


  • Videos for check-in and check-out
  • Reporting of incidents
  • Full transparency between tenant and landlord

How does it work?

Field Teams

Internal Team


Record with

reva app

URL with video and property information

Direct integration

with DB/CRM

Visualization by end customers or internal use

reva VAM digitalize your management process making it standard and easily accessible to all team members. This allows you to have access to data to support your management and make inform decisions.

Start using reva app today and introduce video as a tool in your real estate business.